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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stop The Data Caps!

While I'm a big fan of OTA TV, I also use the internet to provide not only Netflix but other content that is unavailable OTA. I have no problems with reasonable caps on wireless access, which is indeed finite, but landline internet providers are now jumping on the "bandwidth cap" bandwagon at an alarming rate.

There's really only two reasons for these caps: The first, of course, is profit. If providers don't have to build out their distribution systems to handle the services they themselves promote, they can save money, at the same time charging for overage fees. The second is more troublesome: Since almost every internet provider also offers some sort of competing video service, these caps serve to "protect" those legacy video services. With most areas of the country being held hostage by monopolies or duopolies, we can't even "vote" with our wallets and leave for another provider.
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