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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cache Free TV or Cash Free TV? A New Direction...

Cash Free TV
Today, I want to let readers know that now redirects to Either address will bring you to this blog - for now.

Does this mark a new direction for "Cache Free TV"? Well, yes. And no. Eventually, Cache Free TV and Cash Free TV will split off into two distinct blogs. Cache Free TV will continue to provide news and information about Cache Valley, Utah, while Cash Free TV will be a more generalized Free TV resource for the USA and perhaps the world. The two blogs will share most of the general content. But for now, the two will web addresses will point to the same place, and be the same blog.

So, why the changes, and why the ".tk" domain instead of ".com"?

First, about the content changes. It's come to my attention that there may be people living outside of "The Valley". Yes, rumors have been pouring in for some time that there are a whole bunch of people who live outside Cache Valley, UT. Millions, perhaps even billions, of them. Heresy, you say? But it's true, my friends - my web stats say it is so. They come from places that have never heard about KSL-5 or KBYU-11. Places you may have heard about on that magic TV box with strange, foreign-sounding names like "New York" or "Las Vegas". And they don't much care about "You-Tah" TV. They come here looking for help and information on how to stop bleeding money every month to their pay TV provider. And the name "Cache Free TV" confuses the hell out of these foreigners. Looking at my stats, at least 95% of my visitors are "Not Of  The Valley". In fact, my most popular post, "What Can You Do With A Roku?" has nothing to do with Utah TV, but accounts for more than 80% of my traffic.

I started this little blog to help my friends and neighbors here in northern Utah get the "Pay TV monkey" off their backs. I had no intention to make a buck with it. But, I then started to build antennas that helped solve the unique Cache Valley problem of TV signals coming from 2 directions 180 degrees apart, and then I started installing them for people who were unable to do it themselves. It became a nice little side income that compensated for not having a raise at my "day job" in over four years. Then, the day job decided to turn my world upside down: my four day work week became a five or six day work week, leaving me no time to build or install antennas. And the money dried up. It was easy to justify to my wife, Mrs. Sniveler, the time spent helping people get free TV when I could sell or install an antenna and show her some cash. But now, all I have is this blog. And contrary to popular belief, it is work, and very time consuming. It takes hours to research and write a single post. I spend money out of my pocket to buy and review hardware and software. If I figured out what writing and maintaining this blog pays me, it would be pennies per hour - NEGATIVE pennies. So I've added advertisements for relevant products and services. Still, the total income from this whole project hasn't amounted to a hill of beans. So I've decided I have to go after a more broad audience.

Now, about the domain name: Why .tk? Why not a .com address? Well, because some assclown is squatting on - and I'm not about to pay them for it. In fact, as a Cheap Sniveler, I'm not about to pay anyone for something I can get for free. So I discovered .tk - the only Top-Level Domain name you can get for free - from Wikipedia: 
 .tk is the Internet country code top-level domain (TLD) for Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand located in the South Pacific. Tokelau allows any individual to register domain names. Users and small businesses may register up to 3 domain names free of charge (with some restrictions). In addition to the name itself, users can opt to forward their web traffic using HTML frames and their email traffic.
 I've made a deal with all 1,440 good people of Tokelau: for every person that registers a .tk domain through the link below, they will give me 5 fish. When I get 100 fish, I can trade them for a really cool hat that says ".tk". Mrs. Sniveler wanted me to take the fish, but then I had to explain that the weren't real, edible fish, only "virtual fish".
 She was not amused.

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