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MY MISSION:  To help you CUT the cable, or DITCH the dish, saving you enough money to buy a NEW big screen TV every year. My own 52 inch flat panel was paid for with the money we saved in the first year!

The focus of this blog is Free TV, almost all the information applies no matter where you live. Here you'll find everything you need to know about how to get FREE Digital HDTV Over-The-Air (OTA) TV in the USA using an antenna I offer news regarding free OTA TV, internet TV, FTA (Free To Air) Satellite TV, help in selecting and installing antennas, links to important topics, and a place to get your questions about digital broadcast TV answered.

Long ago, nobody paid for TV. It was free, paid for by advertisers. You used rabbit ears or put an antenna on your roof or in your attic- and the thought of actually paying for TV was laughable, as silly as the concept of paying for water (There's another rip-off the American consumer has fallen for!). But along came pay TV with the promise of  better picture, more channels, and no commercials

(Hey, how's that "Cable TV has no commercials" thing working for you?).

Cut to 2010: Pay TV has convinced nearly everyone that you MUST pay to watch TV! But now, with the advent of DIGITAL broadcasting, Pay TV has lost its trump cards: picture quality and selectin. Free digital TV has the best possible picture available. And with multicasting (broadcasting more than one program on the same frequency on sub-channels) there's a lot more choices. In some areas of the country, you can get more than 60 unique channels over the air for free.

 I am here to help you to stop pay TV from sucking your wallet dry.
Here's a sample of the channels I get for FREE:
 Your results will vary depending on your location and antenna:


How's that for a FREE "basic cable" package?

Add to this base package of channels any of the hundreds of channels on a Streaming Internet Device or computer, and a few more from a FTA satellite dish, and you'll never be lacking for something to watch on TV.

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