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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Netflix vs Blockbuster: ...and the Winner Is? (as if you didn't know)

Here's a review I wrote for

About a month ago, I started a one month free trial on both Netflix and Blockbuster. Guess Who won?

The program for Netflix was one DVD at a time unlimited with streaming, 8.99 a month plus tax. The plan Blockbuster gave me by default was their 3 out at a time unlimited, Total Access, with streaming on demand at $19.99.

It would seem at first glance that blockbuster, while more expensive, would be a good deal. But, for me, the "Total Access" was "Totally Worthless". Blockbuster hasn't had a store in my area for years. So the return to the store with 5 in store rentals is useless. Upon learning this, I changed to the 3 out at a time with no store access plan - a mistake that would come back to haunt me later.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Save money... get HDTV for free!

Here's a local news story about families that have cut the cable,
News Report that ran on KGW Channel 8 Portland, Oregon:

"Ugly mass of metal"? hmm, to me an antenna is beautiful. It screams "FREEDOM!"

My favorite quote, though, is "I didn't know you could still use them". Yes, you can!