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Monday, May 9, 2011

Save Money at Walmart on Clearance Electronics

Walmart announced last month that they are reducing the size of their electronics departments by an average 2000 square feet per store. Wal-Mart will also resume sales of fabric and crafts products. The retailer said it was also restoring 8,500 products to store shelves and kicking off an ad campaign in a bid to lift sales.

What does this mean for you, the savvy shopper?
Savings, of course. For the next few months, as the stores go through the process of deciding what items to eliminate from their inventory, check out the Walmart near you for sweet deals on clearance items like flat panel TV sets, Blu-Ray and DVD players, digital cameras and more.

A trip to Walmart last week found a stack of LCD and LED TV sets ranging in size from 22" up to 55", with prices from about $150 to a little more than $1000 for the "Big Kahuna" 55" LCD. A trip to Walmart's web site produced nothing. So the only way to get these deals is to go to the stores and check for yourself. Keep in mind that inventory will vary from store to store, and while prices may drop even more (but probably not by much!), selection will start to decrease also.

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