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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Announcing The Free TV Store.

    After answering hundreds of questions about "what antenna should I buy" and "Where can I buy a..." I have hand selected some of my favorite antennas, tools, supplies, and electronics from at The Free TV Store.

    Many of you are aware that I manufacture and install my own antennas, but they are only available for pickup here in Cache valley, UT, or if I install them in Northern  Utah or Southern Idaho, due to the high shipping costs. These are some of the best antennas available, but for those of you who live further away, I have selected several of the best rated commercial antennas for different locations and I will soon add cabling, grounding, and mounting supplies.  I'll be adding converter boxes, remote controls, and items like DVRs, media computers, and internet connected devices for streaming internet TV soon.

Everything you need to CUT THE CABLE!

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