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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weigel Broadcasting Co. Seeks Affiliates For its Classic TV Network, ‘Me-TV’

If you broadcasters out there in TV Land are listening (and I know you are) here's yet another opportunity to add subchannel programming to your revenue stream: The Me-TV Network, featuring classic television programming. Me-TV is from one of the partners who created the ThisTV Network that features mostly movies.

Here is Weigel Broadcasting's press release:

For Immediate Release
Contact: Molly Kelly, 312.705.2632
Melissa Kennedy, 312.705.2649
Weigel Broadcasting Co. Announces the National Launch of its Classic TV Network, ‘Me-TV’
November 23, 2010 – Weigel Broadcasting Co. announces the national launch of a classic TV network, Me-TV, beginning Wednesday, December 8, 2010. Me-TV (Memorable Entertainment Television) becomes a 24/7 program service for broadcasters searching for quality programming that audiences and advertisers find comfortable and engaging.

Me-TV’s library includes series from Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution and CBS Television Distribution as well as independent series owners and producers. Some of the comedies on Me-TV include: M*A*S*H, Cheers, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy and The Bob Newhart Show. Dramas on the network include: Perry Mason, The Untouchables, The Big Valley, the original Star Trek and the original Hawaii Five-O series.

In total, the Me-TV Network will premiere with approximately 50 series under long-term license agreements. This allows for the type of seasonal and thematic program stunts which have defined Me-TV in Chicago for more than seven years as the destination for true, classic television presented with respect for the programs and viewers. Weigel Broadcasting Co., in partnership with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio Inc. (MGM), created the THIStv Network two years ago. It has since become the premiere general market diginet service, broadcast in more than 85% of the country.

“Me-TV is a terrific companion service to THIStv, or as an option for a station that did not have the opportunity to affiliate with the Network. In our markets, we have success airing and selling both Me-TV and THIStv as part of a cluster of viewer and advertiser options. And we are proud, particularly given the present difficult economic times, to be able to provide nationally, on a single channel, some of the best programming ever produced for American television, free for everyone on over-the-air broadcast television. We believe that Me-TV is something that many American families and family members around the country, old and young alike, will embrace,” stated Norman H. Shapiro, President of Weigel Broadcasting Co. “Our passion for classic television runs deep, and so does our commitment to program Me-TV with a complete focus on TV classics. Other services have abandoned the franchise in various ways. We intend to stay focused and serve the audience that loves these shows,” added Neal Sabin, Executive Vice President of Weigel Broadcasting Co.

Me-TV will provide stations with two, three-hour blocks of educational and informational programming per week, allowing them to air up to twice the mandated hours of children’s educational series. The core series will be ‘Green Screen Adventures,’ Weigel Broadcasting Co.’s national award-winning production emphasizing writing, literacy and creative thinking skills. Affiliated stations will receive a playbook on how they may involve their stations in ‘Green Screen Adventures’ productions. Me-TV will be delivered via satellite and controlled by a “station-in-a-box,” which makes operation easy, reliable and cost-effective.
At the present time, all matters related to operation, sales and station affiliation are being
handled exclusively by the Weigel Broadcasting Co. staff:

Affiliation Information: Neal Sabin,
Advertising Inquiries: Brad Lesak,
Engineering Questions: Kyle Walker,
Marketing: Molly Kelly,

Visit to see the schedule and watch some of the promos for shows which will be featured on the Me-TV Network!
You can see Me-TV's programming schedule HERE. While AntennaTV and Retro TV Network may be prime competitors, Me-TV's programming doesn't seem to duplicate shows on these other networks.

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